This book will give you the confidence and encouragement that you need in life. 

A unique devotional laid out in warmups, strength training, similar to a physical training regiment.


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   In the chilling  mystery, “Rundown”, Journalist  Sara-Ann Parker will stop at nothing, short of death, to expose the scoundrels bringing drugs into her  Arkansas hometown. Unfortunately, for Sara-Ann — neither will they!

   According to an ancient legend, Avalon was a place of healing;  and the mortally wounded went there either to recover or to die!  In Fort Smith, Arkansas, what is “The Secret of Avalon”?

       Two unique mysteries by mother-and-daughter authors that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

He was a Yale and Oxford graduate and she was a shy young woman, who had not yet found her niche in life. 

But yet, they understood each other, because they came from similar childhood backgrounds.

His charisma inspired her and her enthusiasm impressed him.

So, they became pen pals -- for more than 20 years.

Even though he became the most powerful man in the world, he still wrote to her.

This is Gloria O'Donnell's story, as she experienced it.

Experience  the 20th century's most significant historical events through the eyes of a magnificent woman.

Actual newspaper clippings, photos and other artifacts from author's personal collection enhance this true-life legacy.

Lola McElroy's journey from depression-era poverty is truly courageous and inspiring!

​Available in hard or paper back

Historical Eyewitness Accounts

A "best of" group of articles based on most popular newspaper columns of a former columnist.

Laugh, cry or thumb your nose - either way, you'll react!

Rhyming poems about life's greatest blessings: Faith, family, patriotism and the love that lasts forever.

Written from the heart of a woman who has known it all.

Six unique stories of Bible women whose choices rocked worlds! Their choices speak to women today.  Told from a first-person point-of-view.  Great for a Book Club or Bible study.  Discount on group orders.




Non Fiction Books

Aimee Nordin's life was anything but perfect, experiencing abandonment, despair and death of a loved one. She became not a victim, but rather, a victor, holding onto the faith handed down to her from generations.

Encouraging and uplifting, living proof of the overcoming power of faith!

Great Fiction Reads 

Always Inspiring.

Compiled for easy reference.  NKJV