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How Do I Submit My Manuscript to StoryLine Publishing?

Avoid, please:

  • ALL CAPS. Very hard to read and loses my respect for the manuscript 
  • Odd-size fonts. Please stick to the basics: 12 point is a nice size to read. (Think of the reader. )
  • Fancy Fonts. That will come in the design process.
  • Single-spaced. Always double space your text. 
  • Landscape Orientation Layout. Portrait orientation only, please.
  • Odd Word Processing Software. MS Word is preferred.  If you have another word processing program, query first. Please save file as .doc (for Kindle compatibility )
  • US Mail. Please don’t mail your manuscript to our office.  We only accept  Email with   QUERY in the subject line. 
  • Text Boxes/Tables: Insertions which slow down production: Photos, drawings, charts, etc.  Please just specify with highlighted regular text where something should be inserted.
  • Copy and/or Paste: Submit only original photos, artwork or other graphics by placing in a separate file to be inserted at layout by our designers.  If we accept your manuscript, you will be given further instructions.
  • Unsourced quotations or material: If you are not sure where it came from, leave it out. It is illegal to borrow, use or otherwise copy someone else’s material.  You may need to get permission if you are quoting. That is your responsibility before you submit your manuscript to a publisher.
  • Bad Grammar, spelling and/or writing style. Find a good resource or have someone check your work for glaring grammatical mistakes.
  • Headers, Footers or Footnotes. A separate page or pages with references, etc. should be included.
  • Table of Contents or Indexes.  That will be added in the design phase, if needed.
  • Last, but most important:
  • Please do NOT format your manuscript. Instead, follow this:
    • Font: Times/New Roman only, size 11 or 12. Please don’t send larger size.
    • One space between paragraphs
    • No identation at beginning of paragraph. (Block paragraph)
    • No insertions (pictures, text boxes, borders, etc. (See avoid list.)

It is extremely important to make sure your files are NOT read only and restricted access. Please check before submitting.

   By paying attention to these guidelines, you will help the process go more smoothly, thus getting your book to market more quickly.

   You can check out our website at: and for more information or questions, please send Email to  We do not accept phone calls.

You will receive status reports when a status changes, and will be notified about corrections/changes or suggestions for rewrites. We do not give detailed reports, unless there is an issue.
Don’t expect something similar to this: “Today I’m working on Page 4 and correcting the writing”.

 In order to stay timely with getting a book to market, we must work on the manuscript.

Please address all questions to

Thank you for your cooperation.


Always Inspiring.

A note from the Editor: 
Congratulations — you’ve written or almost written that book! That’s not a small task.  It takes dedication and lots of midnight oil to write a book. 
As an editor, I respect your hard work and you should know that we are on the same page!  We both want you to be a successful author and that starts with producing a quality product.   My friend, the buck starts
I will be the first one and the last one to see your work before it goes to market.  For that reason, I have prepared some guidelines to help you help me.   
My time as an editor is more valuable to you than to spend my time formatting your work, so please follow, as closely as you can, what I have laid out for you in this guide. 
By the way, please never submit your manuscript without a query Email first, with
QUERYplaced in the subject line.