Aimee Dawn's first book, rundown​, is an exciting mystery, which is set in a small town in Arkansas, USA. 

   Sara-Ann Parker is a journalist who is intent upon stopping the flow of drugs in her hometown.  And somebody out there - doesn't want her poking around.

Heart-pounding action!

   Aimee Nordin McClaren, mother of Aimee Dawn, has authored three books with StoryLine Publishing:  Overshadowed: A Life and a Legacy, The Secret of Avalon and Love Came Calling.

   In Overshadowed...Aimee relates incidents from her life and how she came full circle into her handed-down faith.

   In the fictional novella,The Secret of Avalon, Aimee spins a mystery about a grandmother who discovers a chilling secret in an intended place of refuge.

   Love Came Calling, an inspirational romance,is about second-chance love,  which is not always what it seems.

William Thomas Pratt

Lola Hopkins McElroy

Gloria O'Donnell

Gloria O'Donnell's books:

Letters From Bill: 20 Years of Correspondence With Bill Clinton; Help! I'm Drowning In My Own Opinions; Unforgettable Bible Women: Wives With Real Attitude; and the Book Series, Susquehanna Hearts:  Leave It To The Heart and In The Matter of the Heart.

   Letters From Bill ... chronicles Gloria's walk through history with former US President, Bill Clinton,including photo mementos from their 20-year pen pal-ship.

   Help! ... is a cross-section of her 7-year gig as a columnist.  You will LOL or maybe shed a tear.

Wives ... whose stories reach out from the Holy Bible to embrace women facing dilemmas today.

   The inspirational novellas, Susquehanna Hearts, Books One and Two, follow two best friends and how each put their lives back together after heartbreak and, in Book Two, a twisted plot. Follow Lesa's and Abby's stories -- and in 2018, Kelley and Tammy.

Aimee Dawn


Aimee Nordin McClaren

Tony Mansour

William Thomas Pratt's first book, Workout In The Word: Building Your Spiritual Muscles,​ is a rigorous challenge for students of the Holy Bible. 

   Bill's unique perspective takes you deeper into the Word of God than you might have imagined you could go. 

   It is divided into sections, similar to workout levels, with "exercises" to build, burn and maintain spiritual muscle.

Inspiring and challenging, with scripture references.